Agriculture and society

More than half of the people worldwide live in cities and in the Netherlands this figure is more than 70%. Due to rapid urbanisation, the relationship between the inhabitants of cities and their surrounding areas has changed dramatically. We work on this within three areas: Multifunctional agriculture, Urban agriculture and Functional agriculture.

We work within the areas:

  • Multifunctional agriculture: agriculture in rural areas that focuses on connecting food production with consumers and city dwellers by means of services such as recreation, health care, etc.
  • Urban agriculture: food as an integrated part of a healthy, prosperous and sustainable city and its surrounding areas.
  • Functional biodiversity: nature in and around the city set up for and by its inhabitants with the focus on experience and a healthy living environment.
  • Prospects studies: What are the costs and benefits of new cultivation measures? What are the market opportunities for a new product? How can the government stimulate entrepreneurship? These are the kinds of questions that our experts can answer by conducting prospects studies. Our objective is to identify clear, practical and independent opportunities for new developments and innovations; to determine the feasibility and to provide expert advice on their implementation.

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