Virus diseases

Virus diseases

Plant viruses: minute pathogens

Plant viruses are extremely small pathogens but they can have a large and worldwide impact in  many important crops. Once infected with a virus, plantscrops can not be cured. The use of healthy seeds and young plants  and preventign virus infections are essential in controlling virus diseases.

Identification of plant viruses

Our research on plant viruses specifically focuses on the role and impact of plant viruses in various agricultural systems as well as ecosystems. This involves their identification, trying to understand why they cause diseases and studying how they spread, including their vectors like insects and fungi. For the correct identification of the virus problems we are also developing diagnostics (ELISA and PCR) and new, state of the art identification methodologies like Luminex, LAMP and Next Generation Sequencing)..

Our actively curated virus collection guarantees that important plant viruses remain available as reference material both research and third parties (see Q-bank).

We are collaborating with national and international colleagues in several projects.