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The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture is located in Bleiswijk and Wageningen, in The Netherlands.

The Bleiswijk location is in the heart of the municipality of Lansingerland, the second most important greenhouse horticulture location in the Netherlands. The Wageningen location is on Campus of Wageningen University & Research. This means that we can communicate directly with both the professional field and the scientific community, enabling us to take advantage of vast professional and scientific knowledge, expertise, and facilities.

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P.O.Box 20
2665 ZG Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

Violierenweg 1
2665 MV Bleiswijk
The Netherlands
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e | t +31 317 485 606


P.O.Box 644
6700 AP Wageningen
The Netherlands

Radix (Building 107)
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands
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e | t +31 317 486 001