Identification of plant-based and animal-based ingredients

Which ingredients are incorporated into a product? By using DNA technology, we can identify the plant-derived ingredients in a product or the animal species from which a piece of meat originates. For example, we can differentiate between horsemeat and beef.

Plaice or dab

And we can differentiate between plaice and dab, soya or maize and other plant-based and animal-based ingredients. We have methods to identify many plant and animal species in products. In case of doubt, therefore, we can determine whether a label is correct.

Are GMOs permitted?

But we can also determine whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been incorporated into a product. And if so, which GMOs are they, are they permitted in food in Europe or are they perhaps GMOs that have not yet been assessed for safety and are therefore not permitted on the European market? We can help answer these questions for you.