The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) annually holds a workshop in the Netherlands.

2016 EURL Annual workshop 14-16 November

27 participants form EU memberstates were present at RIKILT to attend the annual workshop.

  • Also observers from candidate memberstates and representatives from other EURLs and the European Commission participated.
  • During the workshop the following topics were discussed: revision of the CD 2002\657, updating the CRL Guidance paper with recommended concentrations.
  • Presentation by NRL were given on new methods and new techniques.
  • The overall feeling of the participants was that it was a really fruitful and interesting workshop.
  • The presentation can be found on the EURL website.

Workshop 2015 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (8-10 June 2015) NL

Workshop 2014 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (14-16 May 2014) NL

Workshop 2013 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (27-29 November 2013) NL

Workshop 2012 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (8-10 October 2012) NL

Workshop 2011 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (31 October – 2 November 2011) NL

Workshop 2010 - RIKILT, Wageningen

  • EURL annual workshop, (01 - 03 November 2010) NL
  • The first day was the annual meeting during which a variety of EURL related activities was presented and discussed with the participants. Important items discussed were the results of and plans for the proficiency testing programme of the EURL. Very promising was the fact that the recently finalized proficiency test "Zeranol and metabolites in samples of bovine urine" showed that all NRLs are able to obtain excellent results for this analysis. Other topics was the progress made with the methods database that is available through the EURL website.
  • During the first part of the second day a mini symposium was organised under the title "Natural hormones methods of analysis". Presentations were made by scientist from different research institutes on this very important trend in analytical chemistry and residue analyses. Very interesting presentations were made by several NRLs during the NRL open forum.
  • The remainder of the workshop was dedicated to a series of practical programmes from which participants had made a selection.

Workshop 2009 - RIVM, Bilthoven   

  • EURL annual workshop (28 - 30 October 2009) NL

Workshop 2008 - RIVM, Bilthoven

  • EURL annual workshop (22 - 24 October 2008) NL