About EURL mycotoxins & plant toxins

The European Union Reference Laboratory mycotoxins & plant toxins in food and feed (EURL M&P) is a centre of expertise for analysis of mycotoxins and plant toxins in food and feed.

Hosted by RIKILT, Wageningen UR, in the Netherlands, EURL is the interface between the European Commission (dg SANCO) and National Reference Laboratories in the Member States.

EURL provides analytical support, documentation services and assistance with quality monitoring for residue testing programmes. In addition, EURL organises proficiency tests and workshops.

These services are available to National Reference Laboratories in the EU Member States and other countries exporting food and feed to the EU.

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi growing in food and animal feed. They can be formed during e.g. cereal growth or post-harvest storage of crops, but also on final food products when not stored or handled appropriately. It is estimated that about 20% of food products, mainly of plant origin can be contaminated with mycotoxins. European legislation sets maximum limits of certain mycotoxins in food and feed products to protect the health of consumers and animal health by imposing legal obligations for food business operators to ensure that the food and feed they sell is safe for human and animal consumption