WUR Dual Career Centre

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to WUR Dual Career Center. This network is created to support the growing number of international employees and their families joining WUR. Moving to a new country is both an exciting yet overwhelming experience, and we provide a vast network and resources to accompanying partners to counter these initial challenges.

Our mission:

  • Bring the brightest and best dual career couples to WUR.
  • Enhance WUR’s commitment to diversity and retention of talented employees.
  • Provide personalized assistance to new knowledge worker’s spouses and partners during the settling-in and professional integration.

Our services:

  • Assist you with the smooth settling in process
  • Introduce you to the relevant network
  • Help you in job search through workshops, coaching, and network meetings
  • Information and tips on living in the Netherlands
  • Social events such as meetup, language cafe, and sports
Dual Career Centre - Flow Chart.png