Public Transport

In the Netherlands, public transport consists of trains, train-taxis, buses, trams, metros/underground and trolleys. You can find English information about departure times and fares at or or by calling tel. 0900 92900.


The OV-chipkaart is a new easy way of payment. With 1 card you will have access to all public transportation: train, bus, tram and metro. The OV-chipkaart is about the same size as a bankcard. The card contains a chip that can be charged with a balance in euro's that allows you to travel everywhere in Holland, or with a single fare, return ticket or season ticket. There are two different types of OV-chipkaart from which to choose:

  • Personal OV-chipkaart
  • Anonymous OV-chipkaart

Personal and anonymous OV-chipkaart are valid for an average of five years, depending on how frequently they are used. Here you can find more info about how to buy Dutch train tickets and the different options.

Which OV-chipkaart best suits my needs?

It depends on your travel habits. If you often use the public transport services, the personal OV-chipkaart is the most convenient. Season tickets or auto reload can only be used on a personal OV-chipkaart. If you do not use the public transport system regularly or would like to share the OV- chipkaart with a family member, the anonymous OV-chipkaart is the best option for you. If you would like to purchase a personal OV chip card you can consult the OV-chipcard website. An anonymous OV-chipkaart can be bought at stations of a public transport company or by calling 0900 0980 (€ 0,10 p.m.). The card is for sale in sales and vending machines at railway stations, at service counters connected to public transport and at various tobacco shops (Primera), supermarkets (some AH and C1000 stores) and bookshops (Bruna). Customer service OV-chipkaart: send an e-mail to


Buses frequently run in Wageningen and throughout the area. There are regular bus services from Wageningen bus station to towns such as Ede, Arnhem, Utrecht, etc.


The Netherlands has an extensive railway network with regular train services. Trains run frequently and usually on time. Stops are often rather short, so you need to get on or off quickly. There are two train classes, differing in price and comfort: first class is more expensive than second class. Train tickets cannot be purchased on the train, they have to be bought beforehand at one of the tickets machines at the station or at the ticket counter in bigger train stations.There are three types of trains in the Netherlands: an ‘intercity’ stops only in major cities, a ‘sprinter’ stops at several stations. Wageningen does not have a railway station. You can take buses to Ede and Rhenen; both towns have a railway station. Information about tickets, prices, and times of departure and arrival (timetables) may be obtained at the railway stations or on the Dutch Railways website. Wageningen UR provides a train and taxi ticket service for staff members.


Traveling by taxi is expensive. A few taxi companies offer a Schiphol Airport service.