Private housing in Wageningen

In addition to Wageningen UR housing there are also a large number of other organisations which let houses and rooms in Wageningen and the surrounding cities and towns. These organisations can roughly be divided into three different categories.

Subsidised housing association

De Woningstichting is a housing association which is subsidised by the Dutch government. This organisation provides affordable housing for people with an income below a certain threshold. The demand for housing at this organisation is high and waiting lists can be long.Together with other housing associations in the region the website (in Dutch) is made with an overview of the houses in the region. Check the procedures in the English folder (2).

Private rooms, appartement and houses

There are a number of private home owners in Wageningen who let out houses, apartments and rooms. The easiest way to find private housing is either through real estate agents or through postings on local classifieds websites. You can find an overview of useful websites on Wagening UR's housing page.

Temporary occupation

You can sometimes also become a live-in guardian in a vacant house or office building (anti-kraak in Dutch). This type of living is cheap compared to other housing options, but comes with some distinct disadvantages: you can be evicted within two weeks and property owners usually conduct announced and unannounced checks.

Examples of temporary occupation organisations