Cash dispensers

You will find a cash dispenser or ATM (Dutch: geldautomaat) at every bank and post office, as well as in train stations, supermarkets and other public places.  There is no ATM at the Wageningen campus, all transactions on the campus are conducted via Chippers. The cash dispenser closest to the campus is located at the Tarthorst.

Foreign bank cards

Please consult your local bank if you would like to use a bank card from your home country. Not all foreign banks have contacts with Dutch banks and you might not be able to use your card here. Generally speaking, a cash dispenser will accept your card if the symbols on the dispensers match the ones on your card.


If a dispenser is out of service the screen will tell you it is buiten dienst. If you type a wrong PIN (Personal Identification Number) code more than three times, the machine will swallow your card. If this happens you will have to contact your bank.


For the safekeeping of valuables, you can rent a safe-deposit box at a commercial bank.