One World 2017 team

One World Week 2017 team

The activities at the One World Week are organized for and by students and employees of Wageningen University & Research, of Aeres and other stakeholders. A coordinating team, coordinates all these activities into a nice program.

Every year a different team will coordinate the One World Week, the central coordination is by the concern staff department Education, Research & Innovation. The team consists of students and employees of Wageningen University & Research that reflects the community. The team coordinates the promotion, the organization of the activities, and the team will check if the proposed activity contributes to the objectives of the One World Week

The One World Week 2017 team

•Anne Noordenbos of KSV Franciscus, respresenting Contractus
•Cecilia Kühn: international guest employee
•Lingtong Gai: international PhD candidate
•Liesbeth van der Linden: corporate staff department Education, Research & Innovation
•Astrid van den Heuvel: corporate staff department Education, Research & Innovation (coordinator)
•Akshita Chordia: international alumna

If you would like to join up as a member of the coordinating team OWW 2018 (voluntary), please send an email to Astrid van den Heuvel with your motivation. It is a big opportunity to gain experience in organizing huge events.


•Tim Jacobs, Identim: promotional materials
•Nine Hemmen: website
•Ton van Lierop en Pim Marcusse: facilities Orion
•Annemieke Dijkstra: facilities De Bongerd
•Nicolien Pieterse: facilities Impulse
•Vesna Gulin: facilities Public Library Wageningen
•Elsje, Tutku en Lotte: facilities THUIS

    The One World Week 2017 is organized with the support of:

    •Arthur Mol
    •Aeres University of Applied Sciences
    •Capuchinha Catering Wageningen
    •Ceres (International Committee Ceres)
    •Chilean Student Association in Wageningen (AIECh)
    •Green Office Wageningen
    •Hermien Miltenburg WUR
    •Indonesian Student Association
    •International Biodanza Wageningen
    •In'to Languages
    •Israeli students
    •IxESN Wageningen
    •Krater (SSR-W)
    •KSV St Franciscus
    •Neeltje Eten & Drinken
    •Nepalese Student Society-Wageningen (NSSW)
    •Olimkhuja Askarov
    •Ralf Hartemink WUR
    •Refugee Committee Red Cross
    •Spectrum Wageningen
    •Spot Committee
    •Studium Generale
    •SWU Thymos
    •Unicef studentteam Wageningen
    •Unitas Wageningen
    •United Community of African Students
    •Wageningen nationalities
    •Yokoso Wageningen-Japanese welcome group
    •AID crew
    •Cormet catering
    •Good Food catering
    •OSP catering
    •Sodexo catering
    •The Spot committee