Banking and insurance


When you are employed in the Netherlands, or when you receive a scholarship and will stay for a longer period, you might consider opening a bank account in the Netherlands. In Wageningen, you will find several banks that will gladly assist you in opening an account.

When you want to open a bank account, you must bring with you:

  • Your passport with visa sticker.
  • Your invitation letter of your host organisation, or your employment contract.
  • Your rental or sub-rental contract.
  • Your BSN number.


If you are in paid employment with a Dutch employer, you must have basic health insurance. On the website EurAxess the Netherlands you will find more information about the Dutch healthcare system.

If you do not qualify for the Dutch social security system and thus cannot apply for Dutch basic health insurance, you will need to find another solution to make sure you have adequate insurance whilst staying in the Netherlands. The immigration experts of Expat Center Food Valley can arrange insurances for you (and your family members) with one of these companies.

Insurance Checker

Insurance Checklist

Each country has it’s own way of dealing with unexpected or unpleasant costs. The Netherlands has a highly developed insurance culture, in which everyone is expected to be appropriately insured. Nuffic has developed the insurance checklist to provide students and researchers an insight into the possible costs you might want to be insured for.