Vacancies FAQ

Which web browser should I use when applying?

We highly value the quality and correct operation of our website. For optimal performance we recommend using Internet Explorer v7 or higher.

Open application?

Couldn't find a suitable job in our current job offers? Please subscribe for a job alert. With a job alert you can keep track of our latest vacant positions.

How do I set up a job alert?

Follow 3 simple steps to subscribe for a job alert:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Fill in the application form. After filling in the form, click on ‘send’ to complete your registration.

Step 3: After registering the last step is activating your job alert. This can be done by logging into your email account. From here, open the email that we sent you and click on the activation link at the bottom. A new page opens up. To finish your job alert, click the word ‘activate’.

I get the error message "max 64 characters" while uploading my CV or application letter. What to do?


The solution is to save the document on another location on your hard drive or reduce the length of the filename.

  • Doesn’t work: “C:\users\Nataly\mydocuments\map\map \map\CV_LookingForANewChallengingJobInTheNetherlands
    ThatSuitsMyInterests.docx” => 64 characters.
  • Does work: “C:\users\Nataly\mydocuments\CV_Nataly =< 64 characters.

Why can't I upload a file from my Apple device?

Applying using a mobile device is not possible. This includes iPads, iPods and iPhones. We recommend using a computer with Internet Explorer v7 or higher.

The vacancy was displayed on the website yesterday, but it's gone today. What happened?

The vacancy has been closed or withdrawn. Unfortunately, applying is no longer possible.

Is your question not listed?

Is your question not listed or do you still encounter problems while applying, please send a mail to