Where Wageningen University & Research works

The name of the organisation is misleading when it comes to the location of its activities. Wageningen University & Research is active in 32 other parts of the country besides the town of Wageningen; from Yerseke to Texel and from IJmuiden to Haaksbergen.

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Getting to Wageningen

The town of Wageningen is easy to reach due to its central geographical location. You can be at work within a 45 minute commute coming from Utrecht because your drive is contrary to the ‘traffic jam’ stream. It is also easy to reach Wageningen from other directions as a result of its proximity to other major highways.


Wageningen is a small town counting 35,000 inhabitants and more than 167 nationalities. Its inhabitants are relatively young, highly educated people and students comprise 20% of the population. Wageningen has the character of a student town which is reflected by the youthful atmosphere, the many restaurants and pubs, the shops ands the wide range of sports facilities.

Situated in a forest and river landscape, Wageningen is a pleasant place to live and is conveniently located near several larger cities:18 km from Arnhem, 25 km from Nijmegen and 45 km from Utrecht.