Special features

To work effectively on the quality of life, good facilities are essential, such as good research and education facilities and good accommodation. Wageningen University & Research is working continually on its facilities. For example, in 2007 we opened the Wageningen Campus: a meeting place for researchers, teachers and students, with the Forum education building as its centre.

By locating the education building and the research institutes on a single campus, interaction between researchers from various disciplines and between students and researchers is facilitated, resulting in mutual inspiration.


A high-quality workplace and good possibilities to meet with your colleagues improves cooperation and the professional atmosphere. But Wageningen University & Research also offers many special facilities in the area of secondary conditions of employment.


For example, Wageningen University & Research has outstanding and extensive sports facilities which staff, their partners and students can use at low cost.


Another important facility on the Campus is the Restaurant of the Future, which is simultaneously an extremely modern canteen and an advanced research facility.

This outstanding restaurant, one of the canteens on the campus that is used by staff and students, conducts research into topics such as the choice of meal components and the effect of the design of the restaurant or variations in the assortment on choice behaviour.

Wageningen University & Research also has a Studium Generale programme. Studium Generale organises lectures and debates about science, culture and society. The activities of Studium Generale are initially intended for staff and students of Wageningen University & Research.