WUR is an inclusive employer

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) employs a large number of people with diverse backgrounds and qualities that inspire and motivate each other. We want every talent to feel at home at WUR and to have the same career opportunities. We believe that an inclusive culture contributes to a positive ‘Employee Experience’ befitting contemporary society. This is why WUR actively governs with regard to gender, diversity and inclusion.

Gender indicates the characteristics, behaviour and roles society has determined to apply for each sex (male or female). WUR aims to be a diverse organisation, so we don’t care who you love, where you were born, or what your beliefs are. We are interested in your talent and how you will contribute to our mission: to explore the potential of nature, for quality of life.

Over the past few years, we have made numerous efforts to create an inclusive culture within WUR. These efforts include: Anchoring at the top levels, Culture interventions, HR-interventions, Empowerment.

WUR creates an inclusive culture by: Anchoring at the top levels, Culture interventions, HR-interventions and Empowerment.

Anchoring at the top levels

It is important to us that WUR management conveys the urgency of our diversity policy. We strive to create awareness among WUR-employees that are involved in recruitment processes regarding their subconscious choices and preferences and or bias. We offer several training courses to this end:

  • Awareness in selection processes
    This workshop aims to help selectors realise we all have biases and how to work around these in recruitment and selection procedures.
  • Selection without bias
    Beside insight, knowledge and skills, we offer concrete tips and measures to dampen the influence of stereotypes in recruitment and selection processes.

Culture interventions

WUR aims to fortify the culture of inclusiveness and to use a variety of instruments to steer this culture.

  • Model Building Group
    A method through which a team gains insight into the causes of organisational issues (such as gender) in a few sessions. We also work toward possible solutions.
  • Book Inspiring Women at WUR
    Role models are essential to scientists at the start of their career to provide an idea of how their career might develop.
  • Interviews with Inspiring people @WUR
    This is a series of interviews with people we regard as role models within WUR.


We make use of the awareness of one’s own gender bias and counselling to strengthen the gender balance.

  • Recruitment and selection
    We support HR-selectors in recruiting and selecting the right new colleagues. We design the process in such a way that the desired inclusive culture is supported.
  • Tool for gender-neutral job descriptions: Textio
    This tool checks English job descriptions for gender balance and the quality of the text. How does the description match similar jobs on job sites?


We empower employees and help them improve their position.

  • Programme mentor-mentee
    We elevate women to higher positions within WUR. By pairing women with a mentor, awareness is created, and a career can be positively influenced.
  • Workshops
    We offer workshops such as Stratego for women, the unwritten rules, Personal Profiling and Branding, Levels of power and impact.
  • Special exhibitions
    WUR encourages female scientists and supports them in applying for special grants, including the opportunity to achieve funding through NWO’s (the Dutch Research Council) Aspasia programme. The goal is to increase the number of female associate professors and professors.

We not only focus on increasing the number of female professors, we also aim to grant equal opportunities for all within WUR. Every day, we labour to increase our knowledge: how can we ensure equal opportunities for all? How can we recognise our own bias? We are involved in networking organisations such as the VSNU; we are connected to the LNVH and take part in LanDO.