Your development in focus

Working at Wageningen University & Research means being stimulated to meet and extend your boundaries and to further develop yourself within your function and within the organisation.

The people who work at Wageningen University & Research seek to continuously develop themselves. Wageningen University & Research is, of course, a knowledge organisation. The desire and need for the development of new knowledge and skills are at the roots of our organisation.

Study Programmes

Wageningen University & Research supports your personal development by offering you the opportunity to participate in various educational and training programmes. Together with your manager, you will decide what is important for your own development.

Tailor-made programmes have been developed for example for managers who can participate in leadership courses. Specifically for professors, there is an education trajectory that they can follow.

Specific programmes

Expansive programmes have also been created in order to support research. Trainings in project leadership, project management and leadership, and innovative projects are also offered.

Career path

Wageningen University & Research is a large and diverse organisation. There are plenty of chances to build and alter your career path internally. A substantial amount of job vacancies were filled this past year by our own employees. Thus, we offer many chances for your career development here.