Advantages several positions

Wageningen University and Research knows several ways to earn your degree. The most common are to become an employee for 4 years (as a Research Assistant) or start as a Sandwich PhD candidate.


Wageningen University and Research knows several categories of PhD candidates. One of the most common ways is to become a Research Assistant, employed at Wageningen University & Research for a period of 4 years. Being an employee you have all the benefits that a full-time job offers, e.g. a competitive salary, excellent working facilities and a fair amount of leave days.

Sandwich PhD Fellowships

The other main way to earn your degree is to have a so called 'Sandwich position'. During the 4-year programme you spend the initial and last 6 - 8 months of the programme in Wageningen. In the intermediate period you conduct research that is in the interest of (and funded by) your home country and often fits within a larger national research and development programme.

The shared responsibility of your home institute and Wageningen University & Research creates a unique and fruitful combination of location-specific knowledge and international scientific exposure. This concept is beneficial to you and contributes to capacity building of your home institute.


All the actual open PhD positions are shown at the vacancies page.

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