Career opportunity & steps

A guided career pathway of four successive career steps.

Newly appointed academic staff holding a doctorate degree access the career track. In consultation with the chair holder, current permanent staff will be given the opportunity to take part in the programme as well; the same quality criteria and assessment procedures apply to new and current staff. The policy provides a guided career pathway. Top level scientists appointed as Assistant Professor are individually coached by a full professor. Excellent performance will be rewarded with a promotion to a tenured position of Associate Professor and possibly to Personal Professor.

Career steps

Assistant Professors start within a temporary position. The duration of this first contract depends on the work history of the candidate. A candidate from outside Wageningen University will have, in general, a temporary contract for 7 years. After that period, if the tenure tracker passes the assessment procedures, he/she will be offered a permanent position. Usually this will be combined with promotion to the next level, Associate Professor. Due to the Dutch legislation, a candidate from inside Wageningen University will be assessed for a permanent position within a maximum period of four years, if possible combined with the assessment for the next career step.