Criteria for promotion

The aspects that are evaluated include the quality of teaching, research, acquisition, management and the competence to work in a team.

Teaching and research qualities are equally important and the effort to obtain credits for teaching and research are comparable. Major tasks, other than education and research, are taken into account.

  • The quality criteria are predetermined and transparent. They may differ per Sciences Group or specific domain.
  • Candidates, having collected the predetermined required number of credits, have access to the assessment process.
  • Having obtained the required number of credits does not guarantee promotion; the BAC makes an overall assessment of the academic performance.
  • (inter)national scientists will review the scientific quality.

Once the tenure track has started, career steps are made whenever quality criteria are met (including a positive BAC advice). There are no financial restrictions for promotion. Apart from the recruitment procedure, there will be no competition between candidates during the tenure track.

I am very glad that the tenure track system has offered me the career path leading to a personal professor position in Plant Breeding of WUR. I feel positive about the WUR tenure system since it acknowledges collaboration/teamwork. Further, it is great that both education and research are equally emphasised in the WUR tenure system since the combination of both is crucial for the academic excellence.
Yuling Bai - Personal Professor (Plant Breeding, Plant Science Group)