Why choose Wageningen UR

Why choose Wageningen University & Research

At Wageningen University & Research, you work daily at improving the quality of life. That is our mission and that is what we stand for. Together with your colleagues, you seek to answer the common challenges faced by society within our domain ‘healthy food and living environment.’

Enduring relationships

Our involvement and contribution to these themes is evident from the many multiple, enduring relationships that we have with the business community, non-profit organisations and other research institutes worldwide in this area.

Contribution to the quality of life

As an employee at Wageningen University & Research, you will develop knowledge that is at the service of mankind and society-at-large. Our research moves in the fields of various natural and social sciences disciplines. Topical themes include i.e. safe and healthy food, lifestyle and living conditions, climate change, nature and biodiversity, sustainable fishery and agricultural systems and the search for alternative sources of energy.

Internationally leading

As an employee at Wageningen University & Research, you work together with people from over 80 countries. We enjoy an excellent reputation internationally when it comes to conducting research and providing education.

Excellent facilities

At present we are the most important European University in the Life Sciences. In a recent survey new international staff praised our excellent research facilities, along with the high research standards.