Excellent facilities

At present we are the most important European University in the Life Sciences. In a recent survey new international staff praised our excellent research facilities, along with the high research standards.


Frans Kampers, coordinator of bionanotechnology research at Wageningen University & Research: "Understanding the processes that lie at the basis of living systems is one of the challenges of the Life Sciences. In the past decades new instruments have enabled scientists to study molecular and supramolecular structures at the nanoscale. It has revealed a complexity and elegance that is only partly understood but already serves as a source of inspiration for nanotechnology.

To further this understanding the life scientist must probe matter at the nanolevel and extract as much information as possible. To facilitate this, last year a project was approved to invest almost 23 M€ in new state-of-the-art instruments and facilities within Wageningen University & Research."

Wageningen University & Research Library

The Wageningen University & Research Library offers its users an extensive scientific collection in the field of ‘healthy food and living environment’.

Via the Digital Library, it is possible to consult the entire collection, including over 10,000 full-text electronic periodicals. The main library facilities are located at the Forum building. The Forum Library provides users with an information-rich environment with approximately 500 work and study places, extensive opening hours and personalised support and advice. The Special Collections with rare and old books, aerial photographs, maps and garden designs a.o., are also located in the Forum Library.