Tenure Track

Wageningen University & Research offers young talented scientists a challenging career trajectory, tenure track. We have the ambition to attract top scientific talent and to stimulate their development.

Chances for top scientific talent

We are looking for high potentials who can excel in education and research. You will start as an assistant professor and will grow into the position of associate professor. You then will receive the ius promovendi. It is even possible to grow into a personal professor position. You will build up your own line of research.

This challenging career path can lead to a permanent position at Wageningen University & Research when you meet the quality criteria.

Development programme

During the entire trajectory you will be intensively supervised and coached. A development programme, especially developed for Wageningen University & Research by Leeuwendaal Advies, is included.
The development programme starts with an assessment, in which you will explore which competencies are important for you in your career and which competencies need to be further developed. The outcome of this survey will be used to make up your own Personal Development Plan. This plan comprehends training, group intervision and personal coaching.

Time to excel

Tenure Track is without doubt an excellent stepping stone to further develop yourself and your scientific career.

Tenure Track positions

The available Tenure Track positions and all other vacancies at Wageningen University & Research can be found on the Vacancies page.