Changes in the digital library

Published on
September 4, 2012

As from 25 September, 503 from the more than 700 websites within Wageningen UR will be changed. They’re getting a fresh new look and a new address. Even the Library's website is being revamped! After the change all sites will begin with the address and so the library will become

The Library’s new website will also get another structure. The new site will be organised in Find & Discover, Support & Train and Write & Cite. In Find & Discover, you can immediately begin searching for articles and books. And, you can also quickly find your way to journals, databases and catalogues here. In Write & Cite, we’ve placed the library’s expertise on publishing, publication strategy and citation figures. And, in Support & Train, you can find all of the Library's support for searching, finding and processing scientific information, such as trainings, courses and online help.

As from 25 September, we hope to have the most important start pages of the new site finished. But, the Library will still maintain links to our existing site for the time being. By the end of the year, the new site should be completely finished.

The Library is also information supplier about people, projects and publications for the new website

(newsletter 5-2012)