Do you need a new book or journal?

Published on
July 15, 2020

We welcome recommendations for new publications. If you would like to recommend a journal, book or database, please fill in the form that is available on the Library’s website. Appropriateness for WUR’s collection and available funding will always be taken into account.

When you send us a purchase request for a book, WUR Library’s policy is to buy an online edition. However, eBooks may have several restrictions due to Digital Rights Management. If it is not possible to buy an eBook, we buy the hard copy.

As soon as we receive the purchase form, we check if the requested book is already available as an eBook or as a hard copy and we look up the price. You may not know that book prices, especially for eBooks, are often much higher for libraries than they are for individual customers. If the book is related to a WUR education or research field, we will probably buy the electronic version of the book.

We will always inform you about the decision and let you know when the publication is available for you, either online or in print. You'll find the orange 'Request a purchase' button on several pages of the Library website.