Exhibition “Only one foot in reality”

Published on
July 5, 2019

Another exciting exhibition in Forum Library! The artist of this summer exhibition is Simon Oosting, associate professor at the Animal Production Systems group. For the past years he made sculptures and paintings though poetry is his major creative work of art. You can see these artworks in Forum Library from Wednesday 10 July until Friday 25 October 2019.

The wood sculptures are made of a black wood, often of oak trees that fell thousands of years ago in the marshlands near Wageningen and that became totally black in the soils. Oosting's sculptures, paintings and poetry all mix the real with the surreal to show the special in the common.


Simon Oosting also published two books of poetry in Frisian language (both shown in the exhibition). And in 2020 a bilingual (Frisian and Dutch) book of poetry entitled “DC and more nearby” will be published.  

Looking for WUR artists

We are always looking for artwork for upcoming exhibits. Are you an artistic scientist or a scientific artist? And WUR student or staff? The Forum Library could be a perfect exhibition space! We offer a unique possibility to share your work with a wider audience.  For more information contact