Free articles on coronavirus

Published on
February 12, 2020

A great initiative: Publishers Elsevier, CABI and Wolters Kluwer offer a lot of information on the coronavirus outbreak for free.

CABI: free information for 3 months

Free access to CABI's Coronavirus information collection for three months. You can get a voucher on the webpage to get access to all available articles.

Elsevier, Coronavirus Information Center

Elsevier's Coronavirus Information Center provides continually updated resources from Elsevier's content and experts. The resources span scientific and medical journals and textbooks, educational products, and a variety of other resources.

Wolters Kluwer Database Gideon

Gideon is Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network at the Ovid platform. They offer all coronavirus resources for free for one month. You have to register before you can use database Gideon.