How to find your course books in WUR Library

Published on
July 16, 2021

All required books and readers related to WUR courses are available in the course reserves of WUR Library. You may copy small sections of the books for your study or use them in the Library if you left yours at home.

How to search in the course reserves?

Each course should list its required books in Brightspace on the course page. If you don't see any information or are trying to get a jump on the next period, you can search in WUR Library Search under the course reserves tab to see which books are recommended for your courses.

Go to the Course Reserves. Simply type the course code you are interested in and you'll see the required books as well as their location. You can also browse through the list of all courses. Please note that you cannot search by instructor name.

Once you find the course books, you can read e-books directly online. The printed books or readers are available in the study collection. Use the call number to retrieve them.

Study Collection

Study collection

The study collection contains all mandatory printed books and readers. You can find the study collection on the 3rd floor in the Forum Library. On the 4th floor you'll find the relocated study collection of the Leeuwenborch Library.

The books in the study collection cannot be borrowed, because they must be available for all students. But you may copy small sections of the books for your study or use them in the Library if you left yours at home.

Often there's another copy of the course book on the regular open shelves. Those books can be borrowed and taken out of the Library. 

The study collection is also a handy tool to help you select the courses you want to follow. By looking at the recommended books or the reader, you can get a good idea of the course you're interested in and see if it's relevant for you.

Are you a teacher?

The Library strives for a complete and up-to-date Study Collection. Let us know if your recommended/required books and course readers are missing (click here). Please let us know also if the listed books are no longer used in your course (by email).