Increase your visibility and impact with an ORCID iD!

September 21, 2021

Do you already have an ORCID iD to showcase your work? An ORCID iD is a persistent unique identifier linking researchers to their work. You can register now and use our step-by-step manual to complete your ORCID iD via Pure.

ORCID: the unique identifier for authors of scientific work

ORCID is a non-profit organization that provides an open registry of unique persistent identifiers for researchers. The ORCID abbreviation stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier. Having an ORCID iD solves the problem of name ambiguity. ORCID correctly links you to your publications and distinguishes your work from that of others with similar names. Your ORCID iD is connected to you wherever you work. As more funders, journals, academic institutions and scientific databases) start to make use of ORCID iDs, having an ORCID iD will pay off. Using your ORCID iD in key research workflows, such as manuscript and grant submission, will also save you time.

Advantages of having an ORCID iD

  • an ORCID iD is unique, name confusion will no longer be a problem
  • an ORCID iD is persistent, you can use it throughout your academic career
  • ORCID is increasingly used by individuals (e.g. as a signature in emails) and systems (e.g. in Scopus, PubMed), enabling recognition and discoverability
  • ORCID gives you control over your information - you decide who gets to see what
  • ORCID saves time because you can have your profile automatically updated from other profiles and systems

You can fill your ORCID profile with publications from Pure, WUR’s research output system. The Library has established a link between Pure and ORCID to help you complete your ORCID iD. This link directly sends all Wageningen output from Pure to ORCID.

Use the step-by-step explanation to establish the Pure-ORCID link. Not sure if you already have an ORCID iD? Visit and enter you name in the top bar.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Library’s Research Support team if you have any questions.