Information literacy – what to expect during your studies?

Published on
August 4, 2020

Information literacy is an important academic skill; it will help you on the road to success both in your studies and your future career. You will have the opportunity to develop this skill, guided by the Library’s information specialists, in most of the Bachelor’s programmes.


Information literacy is a skill that you will use during your studies and your future career. You will be expected to read scientific literature alongside your courses, and it is a skill that will come in handy when writing essays and papers. Later on in your professional life, being information literate will also help you to make informed decisions.

Where to start?

When you arrive at WUR as a first-year Bachelor’s student, you may not have had to search for scientific literature before. You will probably be used to searching for things on Google or other search engines rather than in bibliographic databases. In addition, the huge volume of information that is available nowadays might feel a little overwhelming.

But don’t worry! Throughout your Bachelor’s programme, and for many of you, during the first few months of your degree, you will take part in Information Literacy training sessions provided by WUR Library.

What will I learn?

A big part of the Information Literacy training focuses on learning how to search for scientific literature in an efficient and systematic way. However, information literacy is about more than just searching for literature. It is actually a broad skill which covers a variety areas. WUR Library has divided it up into six competencies: orientate, prepare, search, evaluate, manage and communicate. In addition to searching, you will also learn about the preparations you need to make before you actually start searching for literature, how to evaluate the quality of the paper you have just read, how to stay organized with the papers you have found and how to cite and refer properly to avoid plagiarism. You will also learn about copyright issues and even how to publish a paper.

More info

We are looking forward to meeting you in the next couple of months. Curious to find out which courses also include the Library’s Information Literacy training course? Visit this page: