Need the WUR Library resources from home? Use the Library Access browser extension

Published on
November 10, 2020

Are you a staff member and using Forticlient/VPN to access the WUR Library resources from home? From 13 November 2020 please use the Library Access browser extension or access the resources through the Library website.

There is an upcoming change (13 November) by the IT-department that should bring WUR staff a more stable Forticlient/VPN-connection to their WUR network drives. We strongly recommend you to install the Library Access browser plugin to keep access to our resources.

Library Access browser extension

The browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Opera and Safari. It's a one-time installation process of two mouse clicks on your laptop or PC.  

To install Library Access browser extension please visit the Lean Library website:

Install the extension and select ‘Wageningen University and Research'. The extension icon will then pop-up and notify you when you're on a website that the Library has a subscription for.

Library Website

Click on the orange Log in button at the top of the Library homepage, and log in with your WUR account. Continue to search in WUR Library Search via the search box or in specific databases to access to articles and e-books. No special software or settings are required.

For questions, please contact the Servicedesk.