New Web of Science interface

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July 15, 2021

Web of Science is a multidisciplinary citation database covering more than 20,000 scientific, peer reviewed journals from over 250 disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Since 7 July Web of Science has a new interface. We highlight the most important changes.

New interface

The new Web of Science interface has been available for preview and feedback from customers since last year and is set as the default interface as of 7 July 2021. The new interface provides faster page loading times, greater accessibility for users who may be visually or physically impaired, and has a more responsive design that can be viewed on devices with different screen sizes.

Other changes

  • You can edit your search query now straight from the Search Results page.
  • The Advanced Search now includes a query builder that can help you to create more complicated search queries.
  • By clicking on the ‘Copy query link’, you can easily share search queries with other users.
  • You can export up to 1,000 records at one time (previously 500).

Author Impact Beamplot

The  Author Impact Beamplot is a new visualisation tool that showcases the range of a researcher’s publication and citation impact in a single data exhibit. Any researcher with publications in the Web of Science Core Collection can examine their beamplot, providing contextual insights around their personal research performance.

Click=enlarge image
Click=enlarge image

Figure: Author beamplot. Each dot on the beamplot represents a publication and its position corresponds to its year of publication and its normalised citation percentile score (0-100). Source: Clarivate blog 2021

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