'On Campus', a photo exhibition by Guy Ackermans

Published on
September 12, 2021

Guy Ackermans is a well-known photographer in Wageningen. He has selected his most beautiful photos of the Wageningen campus for a photo exhibition in Forum Library. To give all students and staff the opportunity to see the photos, the exhibition has been extended until at least the end of October 2021.

Work on display

The exhibition covers different themes: art, buildings, people, and events and gives a unique perspective on WURlife. The photos on display will vary during the exhibition period.

20201111_Vitrine GuyAckermans1_AS.jpg
20201111_Vitrine GuyAckermans2_AS.jpg

About Ackermans

Guy Ackermans was born in Maastricht in 1958. During his forestry study at the then Hogeschool Wageningen (Agricultural College) he also took a professional photography course at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. While a student he started working for the Hogeschoolblad and he still takes pictures for the Resource.

Ackermans loves to photograph the campus: "I find the Campus very attractive to walk around. The buildings are quite far apart and do not compete with each other. I think the two lawns are the backbone of the buildings, they bring peace and clarity to the campus."

Visit the exhibition

WUR students and staff are welcome to visit the photo exhibition in Forum Library. You don't need a reservation to visit the exhibition. Unfortunately, we can’t welcome external visitors to the Library and Special Collections until further notice.

To make visiting the exhibition as safe as possible, please keep the following in mind:

  • Until 25 September facemasks are mandatory while moving through the Forum building and Library.
  • Please stick to the general hygiene and preventive measures: wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, take a self-test regularly and stay at home and get tested if you have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  • Follow the instructions from the Library staff.