Open Access Week

Published on
September 4, 2012

We’d like to bring to your attention Open Access Week 2012, which will be held from 22 to 28 October. Open Access Week is a global initiative to highlight the possibilities of Open Access (OA) for scientists. The OA Week will be held for the sixth time.

As a scientist, you can immediately publish your research results in an Open Access journal. But, choosing the right journal to do so is extremely important. Another method is to allow author versions of articles to be entered into the Library's repository. Wageningen is not doing so badly when it comes to publishing information through OA channels, but as far as the peer-reviewed scientific articles are concerned, it could be better.

But why is OA important for Wageningen UR?

Three good reasons! First, what’s financed with public means should also be publicly available.This call for accountability is increasingly being heard more strongly and more frequently. Second, publications available in OA usually have a stronger impact than comparable articles that can be consulted in Toll Access journals only. Third, the traditional role that Wageningen plays for developing countries is better served with Open Access. Developing countries still indeed have a scarcity of quality information. OA can help reduce this.

(newsletter 5-2012)