Published on
November 3, 2021

SciFinder-n is the most comprehensive database for chemistry and chemical engineering. Last August we upgraded our subscription from SciFinder to SciFinder-n.


SciFinder-n is a database combining Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), Registry, Medline, and ChemZent. You can search for substances, reactions, references, suppliers and biosequences.

First time users must create an account. You can use your SciFinder's credentials for SciFinder-n.

Differences between SciFinder and SciFinder-n

The interface is now mobile friendly and the search algorithm has been improved. The interface has also been modernized. It now offers functionalities such as the PatentPak (access to patents) and CAS Analytical Methods (a collection of synthetic protocols).

Last September we held a seminar to help users get acquainted with SciFinder-n. The recording is available upon request. Please contact