Selection IB archive described

Published on
October 30, 2012

In collaboration with Alterra’s Sustainable Soil Management Team, almost 1600 publications from 60 employees of the former Institute for Soil Fertility (IB) in Haren have been described and, for a large part, scanned and made digitally available. These publications have been selected from the IB archive of approximately 33 000 reprints and monographs from 1940 to 1998, all of which have been moved to Wageningen. The 60 authors have been selected on the basis of their contribution to Dutch soil research and their length of employment at IB. Since digitisation, IB publications can also be found with Wageningen UR Library’s Global Search (for example, the publications of D.J. Hissink) and with internet search engines such as Google. The archive has also been used to supplement the publications of known Wageningen soil experts such those of J. Hudig. This supplementation is being done with an eye towards the Wageningen Bibliography. All reprints in the archive have been discarded since digitisation, and a selection of the monographs have been entered into the Library's collection.

(newsletter 2012-6)