Springer to digitise all its books

Published on
October 30, 2012

Springer has recently announced that it is going to digitise all the books that it and its imprints have ever published. However, these works can’t simply be published and distributed since Springer doesn’t have all the rights to do this for works published before 1996. The publisher has therefore sent out two requests to its authors.

The first request is to help complete the booklist of Springer and its imprints. The publisher’s imprints include Kluwer Academic, Martinus Nijhoff, Chapman & Hall, Humana Press, Birkhauser, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Plenum, W. Junk, to name a few. The current book list contains almost 114 000 titles.

The second request asks authors to help with Springer’s digitisation programme and to transfer their electronic distribution rights to Springer. The publisher has even promised royalties to its authors if the programme is a success.

Unfortunately, the request to transfer the electronic distribution rights to Springer is hindering the Library's plans to track down, digitise and make publicly accessible all works of Wageningen authors. If our authors transfer their electronic distribution rights to Springer, the Library may no longer make public the works of these authors, and moreover, the university will have to pay for access.

For this reason, the Library is preferentially offering to digitize books that appear on Springer's list and then, on behalf of the authors, to make these works freely accessible on the basis of a CC-BY 3.0 license. Does your book appear on Springer's lists, and would you like to make this available in Open Access? Then please contact the library with your request!

(newsletter 2012-6)