Surf Your Stress Week: Activities in Forum Library

Published on
September 30, 2019

Surf Your Stress Week runs from 11 to 15 November. The Forum Library is offering several activities as well as a collection of books to help you deal with (study) stress and to become more relaxed.

Morning meditation

Every morning students can join a mindful meditation session. Recharge and start your day with new focus and enthusiasm! The workshop will be led by qualified instructors of Spectrum (Student Platform & Chaplaincy) and is free for WUR students. Date: Monday 11 till Friday 15 November, 10.30 -11.00, Forum Library, room 466. It is not necessary to register in advance. Walk in, but please be sure to be on time!

Goodbye phone, goodbye stress: phone-free studying!

In the Surf Your Stress Week WUR Library offers a cell phone-free study zone. On the 3rd floor in Forum Library you can find special storage boxes where you can put your phone while studying. This will immediately help eliminate stress. Phones are one of the biggest study distractions. Having a phone-free study area will enormously help you to reduce stress and to study effectively. During the XL opening period you can craft phone storage boxes in the Relax corner of Forum Library. The Library will provide the box and craft supplies. You’ll receive a stress-ball at the lending desk in Forum Library in return!

Books on dealing with stress

We recommend the following e-books for further reading. You can find many more books and articles on coping with stress in WUR Library Search. Please make sure you are logged in to access them.