Teachers Day 2019

Published on
December 12, 2019

Information specialists from WUR Library are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to teach Information Literacy. Last year, we developed some new methods using gamification and micro credentials. What better way than the Teachers Day to share our work and get inspired by others?

WUR Library at Teachers Day

This year we presented one of our projects: 'Gamification - the Library Game' as well as our share in a collaborative pilot: 'Edubadges - Making skills visible and verifiable'.

Gamification - the Library Game

The Library Game has been developed for first year bachelors students. During their first weeks of study, first years must quickly find their way in the digital and the physical library and learn how to find literature, books, or journals. The Library Game is an escape game where students need to crack codes and solve puzzles to advance.

Edubadges - Making skills visible and verifiable

Edubadges is a project led by SURF. The project offers students the possibility to be recognized for the skills or knowledge they acquire during their study. Awarding micro credentials with Edubadges offers students more flexibility in education. WUR has organized two Edubadges pilots. WUR library collaborated with the VU and HvA to establish institution-transcending learning levels for information literacy skills, and awarding Edubadges based on standardized international frameworks and models.

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