Use your own NARCIS QR-code

Published on
December 18, 2012

Recently, every researcher and every research institute was given a personal QR-code in NARCIS. Researchers can place these QR-codes on publications, for example. The code can then be scanned by interested parties with a smartphone, which will open the matching webpage in NARCIS with the author’s contact information, publications and research activities.

QR-codes (Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that facilitate the connection between paper and online information. In NARCIS, a researcher’s or an institute’s URL is coded into a QR-code.This code can then be saved and printed on a journal or a poster.

Researchers and institutes can find the function “Save QR-code” at the top of their page in NARCIS under the button "Export page” and then ”QR-code”.The QR-code is then automatically made. After the code is created, the requestor can save the code as an image on his or her computer.

(newsletter 7-2012)