Users are satisfied with the Library

Published on
December 18, 2012

In February and March of this year, the Library held a survey among its users in the Forum and the Leeuwenborch libraries. In total, 441 users filled in a questionnaire and gave their opinion on several aspects of the library, including the service, the facilities and the collection. More than 80% of the respondents indicated that they came to the library at least once a week. The average visit lasted 4.2 hours. The largest part of the library’s users is thus ‘large-volume users’. They appreciate the motivating and quiet atmosphere in both locations. But, they just don't come to the library to study. About 60% say they also come to use the library's collection.

In general, the library’s users are satisfied to very satisfied with the library. The staff are friendly and helpful, the collection is good and the library has a nice atmosphere. Still, users did indicate some points for improvement. Users are sometimes bothered by the noise of others, the copy machines don’t always work, the tables should be adjustable so that users can raise or lower them, the library should be open longer, and some places are too dark.

Without question, we're going to work on improving these points. Starting in 2013, the library is going to be open longer (see the first article in this newsletter). We've measured the lighting in both libraries and have discovered that several places are indeed not well lit. We’re now looking into how we can improve this. Unfortunately, adjustable tables are not feasible in the short term, but we have adjusted the height of several tables and have identified these tables so that everyone can find a table that fits his or her height. We’re also going to look into whether we can set up several one-person study areas.

During a lunch meeting in November, we talked with 10 students about their experiences in the library. They confirmed the main results of the user survey. One new point that came out of the discussion, however, was a sofa. The discussion participants would like to have comfortable sofa in the library so that they have a relaxing place to sit and read. We’ve noted the point and we can’t promise anything, but we're going to see if we can do something.

(newsletter 7-2012)