eduID replaces Onegini for guest Library users

Published on
May 21, 2020

The current Onegini accounts for guest users are being replaced by eduID. Do you have a Onegini account? You need to migrate your Onegini account to eduID before 1 July 2020 if you wish to retain access to the digital Library services. Read how this process works and what you will need to do.

Why should I migrate?

As an external user of WUR Library, you have a Onegini account to access some digital library services. This account is a service from an external party, SURF. SURF has decided to replace all Onegini accounts with eduID accounts. Therefore, you need to migrate your Onegini account to an eduID account. After this migration you can start using your eduID account to log on to WUR Library.

If you don’t migrate to eduID*, you will lose access to your personal settings in MyLibrary and to your saved searches, loan history and items on loan information in WUR Library Search. * Please note that this does not apply to WUR students and staff. They can login with their WUR credentials as usual and don't need to migrate.

When migrate?

Per 1 July 2020 the Onegini service will cease to operate. Therefore you need to migrate before 1 July 2020. After that date, you won’t be able to use your Onegini account anymore.

How do I migrate?

An email containing information about the migration has been sent to all Onegini users. You can start the migration process via the link in the e-mail. Have you not seen any email or did you lose it? You can find the migration page here.

Once the migration has been completed, you can log on to the same Library services you are used to using eduID.

In this manual you find instructions how to migrate.

Need Help?

If you need help, browse to the eduID help pages for more information about this migration (if you prefer Dutch, see these help pages). In case of questions or problems contact our ServiceDesk: Phone: 0317 486666 Email: