Gifts for the collection of Wageningen University & Research Library

The Library welcomes gifts to its collection, but because of a lack of storage space and high processing costs, we may only accept gifts that meet the following criteria.

When does the Library accept a gift?

  • The gift donor works or has worked for Wageningen University & Research or one of its predecessors.
  • The collection does not already have a copy of the gift. This also applies to older editions of books.
  • The theme of the gifted material fits within Wageningen University & Research’s research and education fields, i.e., agriculture, environment and nutrition in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Publications that are to be donated have been produced by Wageningen UR or its predecessors or have been contributed to by a Wageningen researcher.
  • Only supplements to our active or discontinued journals/series will be accepted. No printed material will be accepted if the library owns a digital copy.
  • The material becomes the library’s property and is available to its users.

The Library does not accept

  • Reprints, folders, brochures and other such material.
  • Old theses and student reports.
  • Printed material that is also digitally available, e.g., dissertations from other universities, reports from non-Wageningen University & Research institutes.

Old and rare material

Exceptions can be made for pre-1900 material and rare material, e.g., photographs or prints, that fall within Wageningen's areas of specialty. Would you like to gift pre-1900 or rare material? Then please contact the Special Collections curator.

When a gift is accepted

Because processing a gift is time consuming and costly, the Library may ask you to contribute to the gift’s processing costs if you donate a large gift. We may also ask you to check the catalogue of the Wageningen University & Research Library to see if the library already owns the material.

When donating a gift, please provide a clear description of your gift, preferably one that includes the title, author, edition and publication year.

If you would like to donate materials, please contact the Forum Library beforehand.