I am a WUR user but I can't get access to the licensed sources

I am not logged in to My Library

You are considered an external user. This will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Solution: log in to My Library.

I am logged in to My Library, but I’m considered a guest user

This may happen if you have closed your browser and opened it again, or if you have opened a new instance of your browser.

Solution: refresh the webpage by clicking on the function key F5.

I am logged in, but see no proxied links
  • The links in the Digital Library are not properly proxied. Solution: refresh the page of the Digital Library you are on, and then try again.
  • You are using a link from your Favorites or directly typing in a URL in the address bar of your browser. Solutions: navigate to the source you want to use in the Digital Library website and use the proxied link. Or add .ezproxy.library.wur.nl to the domain name. E.g. type http://www.scopus.com.ezproxy.library.wur.nl/ in stead of http://www.scopus.com/ . This will only work in the same browser instance, but you can open a new tab for it.

If, after having done this, you still have trouble accessing a licensed recource, please contact the Service Desk.