Off-campus access to online resources

WUR students and staff have off-campus access to all e-journals, e-books, online articles and databases WUR Library subscribes to. There are various ways to gain access.

Options you can choose

  1. Use the Library Access browser extension on your PC, Notebook or Macbook, for easy access, library support and alternative access.
  2. Use 'Log in' on the Library website when you want to search in the WUR Library Search search box or in specficic databases.

1. Library Access browser extension

Download the Library Access browser extension. The browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Opera and Safari. The extension is not yet available for mobile devices either.

1. Go to Lean Library and install the extension for the browser(s) you use

2. Select Wageningen University & Research - Library

How does it work?

  • The browser extension will show the pop-up message when you try to access a publishers’ website with licensed material
  • You will then be shown a message how to get access
  • Log in once with you WUR account.

2. Library Website

Click on the orange Log in button at the top of the Library homepage, and log in with your WUR account. Continue to search in WUR Library Search via the search box or in specific databases to get access to articles and e-books. No special settings or software are required.