Research@WUR Help

What is Research@WUR?

Research output of Wageningen University & Research is made available in Research@WUR. The portal showcases your research output that your department has added to Pure. Some information about your publications, for example, research credits, is not available in Research@WUR. Research@WUR partly replaces Staff Publications.

What is Pure?

Pure is the source system for WUR research output from articles and books to datasets and press clippings. The (meta)data is entered and stored in Pure by your research unit, and made publicly available in Research@WUR. The data is also used for publication lists on websites.

What can I find in Research@WUR?

You will find all information (projects, research output, press clippings, datasets, prizes) that has been entered into Pure. The names of the researchers and the Research Units come from the WUR HRM department.

Are you a researcher and your personal page is missing?

Please change the settings in your We@WUR page from private into public.

I want to change my name in Research@WUR; it is spelled incorrectly, and/or it has spelling variants. How can I fix this?

The name you see in your personal researcher page comes from the WUR HRM department. If your name is incorrect, please contact them to change it.

My publication list is not complete. What to do?

  • Publications published before 2015 > Please send an e-mail to pure.library@wur.nl with an overview of the missing research output.
    • Publications published after 2015 > Please ask the Pure contact person of your group to add the publications to Pure.

Why are not all my projects shown?

We are still processing project information.

Do you want to replace your photo?

You can do that yourself in We@WUR. It might take a day before the photo is added to Research@WUR.

Where can I find my research credits and other information about my publications?

The research credits for your tenure track report are available on your personal 'My Library' page. You have to log in to My Library to see your research credits at the tile My Publications. Other information will also be shown here, including Sep and VSNU tables, bibliometric analysis and cited publications.

I have research output from previous contracts. Can these publications be added to Research@WUR?

No, at this moment publications from previous contracts can not be shown in Research@WUR.

In 2019 we will start a project on new issues in Pure and Research@WUR, and this topic is on the agenda too. You could consider using ORCID to showcase all your publications.

How can I add my ORCID to my personal page?

Information on how to add your ORCID to Pure can be found on the Library website.

Moreover, you can use ORCID to showcase all your research output, not only the research output from WUR.

Which collaborations are shown on the map?

The collaborations are based on co-authorships publications derived from peer-reviewed articles published in the last five years. The co-authorships determine the collaboration. Publications older than five years are not included. The collaborations is shown as a network on a map.

How is the Fingerprint for a researcher or a group determined?

The expertise, or the key subjects of each individual researcher or research group, is based on the data from the last 6 years both from a researcher’s publications and Scopus. These are analysed by an indexing system called Fingerprinting. It uses text mining to create a term-weighted index of a person's or group’s scientific documents.

What is the Scopus Profile?

The Scopus Profile links to your Scopus Author Identifier on the Scopus platform. Scopus automatically assigns publications to profiles. More information about this identifier and how to correct it can be found on the Library website.

Whom should I contact for other questions about Wageningen Research Portal?

Please email your to questions and comments to the Servicedesk.