Trees in Urban Landscapes

This collection contains information from the former Dryade data bank. This data bank held data on the use of 1000 different trees in Dutch forests, plantations and urban landscapes such as parks, public gardens and along roads and streets.

Dryade was made at the former Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO), which in 2000 became part of Alterra. The data were derived from Dutch and international literature.

Unfortunately, the photos do not cover all species.

Copyrights and credits

All images from the Trees in Urban Landscapes collection can be downloaded for free. Please send an email to for information how to attribute when you want to use one or more images in a publication or on a website.

The use of trees in urban landscapes is considered from several aspects:

  • Landscape architecture and the spatial design of planting plans (size and form of full grown trees etcetera)
  • Cultural methods
  • Biological characteristics influencing the ways and frequency of tree maintenance

Included are some 1000 tree species and cultivars, deciduous trees as well as conifers. Of these trees, the following characteristics are considered:

  • General characteristics (form, size, growth rate, propagation methods)
  • Site requirements
  • Experience-based data on usage
  • Form and colour of leaves in summer and autumn, leaf flushing period
  • Flowers and flowering
  • Seeds and fruits
  • Pests and diseases


Acer platanoides Meyering
Acer platanoides Meyering

Koelreuteria paniculata
Koelreuteria paniculata

Sorbus americana
Sorbus americana