Plagiarism and originality

If you are a staff member or PhD student of WUR and you do not have access to the electronic learning environment of Wageningen University, you can ask WUR Library to check a document for plagiarism. Please send your document to the Copyright Information Point. We will use Turnitin to perform the originality check until the end of December 2020. From the end of December onwards, documents will be checked by using Unicheck. More information about Unicheck will follow soon

Originality check

During the originality check, the text of the document will be compared with the text of all the documents saved in the repository from Turnitin. After the originality check, a Similarity Report is provided. In the Similarity Report, you find the similarity score. This is a percentage of the document’s content that matches the content of the Turnitin repository. Your document is included in the Similarity Report as well and matching or highly similar text of your document will be marked and the source will be depicted.

    Similarity Report

    The Similarity Report will be send to you by e-mail and an information specialist of the WUR Library will explain in this e-mail how to interpret this report in your specific case. Click here to find out how to interpret the Similarity Report in general (provided by Turnitin). If needed, you can make an appointment with an information specialist to discuss the results.

    If you have any questions about this service or you want us to perform a check for plagiarism, feel free to contact the Copyright Information Point.