Request DOI & ISBN

If you are a staff member of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and you are planning to publish a WUR report, you can ask the Library to assign a DOI and ISBN to your publication. As the DOI and ISBN need to be added to the report before it is published, you should do so before you hand in the manuscript.

Why do I need a DOI?

A DOI name is a Digital Object Identifier that provides a unique persistent reference to your report. Even if the URL of a publication changes, the DOI will remain the same. Finding WUR reports and referring to them will be easier with a DOI. The DOI replaces the former used e-depot link as an internationally accepted identifier. The DOI is not visible before the embargo ends. Check the DOI website for background information.

Why do I need an ISBN?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identification number for monographs (e.g. books, theses, proceedings, reports, cd-roms). It makes publications easier to find. Check the ISBN website for background information.

Email us

When you send in your request for a DOI and ISBN please add the author name(s) and the (preliminary) title to your e-mail.

PhD thesis

If you are preparing a Wageningen University PhD thesis, you will be given DOI and ISBN instructions by the Doctorate secretariat of PhD Services.