Academic heritage

Special Collections holds several collections that were made or used either in education or during research practices at Wageningen University & Research and its forebears in the past. They provide an insight in the history of Wageningen University & Research. The major part consists of image collections covering plant, animal and environmental sciences. They are made in different types of techniques and material. The collections are available for research in their original shape and can be studied in the reading room. A part of these collections is digitally available.

How to find academic heritage collections?

1. Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections: Look up digitised heritage collections at WUR Image Collections.

2. Academic heritage collections can be found here, both digital as well as in original print.

3. Search for specific materials in the Special Collections Catalogue. Please enter your subject in the search box. You could narrow your search by choosing a 'collection' or ‘document type’ on the left side: ‘Historical photographs’ or 'Illustrated publications'.

Printed collection

Historical photographs: 5000 photos from 1850-1970. The photos portray livestock, civil engineering, garden architecture and the Dutch East Indies, especially on tropical agriculture and ethnography.